ADAZA will cease operations as of December 31, 2017. For any questions or concerns, please contact
We’d like to thank everyone who worked as part of ADAZA and who supported us along the way.
Our deepest gratitude - The ADAZA team

Grow Sales Faster

Augment your sales team with a network of veteran freelance sales pros.

What is ADAZA?

ADAZA provides a global network of sales professionals that can accelerate growth by generating additional leads, closing more deals, or helping you break into a new market. With no up front cost or fees – you only pay for success.

Extended Network

Veteran sales people have spent their career developing relationships. Through ADAZA, they can tap into their extended network to generate new business on your behalf.

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How ADAZA works



We meet with you to understand your offerings and sales goals.



We ensure the ADAZA training system has the right enablement materials. Then your offering is published on the platform.



We match your offering with sales reps that have the experience, background and industry knowledge to best represent it, and then certify them on the sales message. You can view and approve reps.


Manage Deals

You view progress through your ADAZA dashboard. You can join reps on calls to support as needed and observe them in action.


Close Deals

Deals are closed on your paper or through the platform.

We’ve had a great experience with ADAZA. Reps are 2-3X more experienced than average - which means less training, more sales and quicker closes.


Zach Hintze
Director of Sales, Concord