ADAZA will cease operations as of December 31, 2017. For any questions or concerns, please contact
We’d like to thank everyone who worked as part of ADAZA and who supported us along the way.
Our deepest gratitude - The ADAZA team

Be an Independent Sales Rep

Earn top commissions representing innovative new technology brands.

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What is ADAZA?

ADAZA connects independent sales professionals with innovative companies looking to increase their sales. ADAZA is backed by SAP, the world’s leading enterprise software company.

How does ADAZA work?

ADAZA provides a wide range of opportunities you can choose from to build your business. Make a referral and earn a quick bonus, or represent a set of products that best suit your experience and build a significant income stream.

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Start Earning in 3 Easy Steps

  • Review products

    We’ll recommend products with the highest earning potential based on your network and background.

  • Get ready

    Certify on the sales message. Set your goals and get running with sales tools. Connect with other reps on best practices.

  • Start earning

    Earn a quick referral bonus, or a bigger commission by taking the deal all the way to close. Request vendor support as needed.

ADAZA provides me with the opportunity to build my own business with an amazing potential for career growth and financial upside.


Jeffrey Lorine
ADAZA Account Executive